Would you like to have a professional one-pager developed for a specific product? You don't need a big website but need a good overview of your profile, your portfolio, your product?

We create your professional one-pager

Sometimes a one-pager is enough to present yourself as a digital business card, to present your offers or to present a specific product. What is a one-pager? A one-pager actually only consists of a single page and your information is displayed there one below the other. There is also a navigation menu so that the user can jump directly down to the desired information on the one-pager.

We create your professional one-pager

One-pager and SEO

Search engine optimization is the focus of every one-pager creation. You can also rank well on Google with a one-pager, because Google's approach has changed. It is no longer the many pages with a lot of content that count, but the quality of the content of the website. However, it is most important to optimize this page for a very specific focus.

Telling stories with one-pagers

The structure of the one-pager is the focus of its creation. Tell a story, engage users, and keep users happy by briefly addressing relevant information. For example, you can use dynamic content such as videos, images and animations. The challenge here is under the motto: The brevity lies in the flavor.

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What are we going to do? The process in individual steps

1. Preparation

The preparation with a one-pager is much more important than with a regular website. The sequence of the individual areas should tell an interesting and good story and be enriched in a meaningful way.

The following questions can be asked:

  • What is the story you want to tell?
  • How is the user drawn into the page? What is it that captivates him?
  • Which elements can be animated or displayed dynamically?

Let's invest enough time here. That will pay off in the implementation.

2. Creation

Our developers then create the one-pager based on your information within a few days.

3. Go online

As soon as the developers have finally programmed the Onepager and you give us the “ok”, we can put your new Onepager online and you can start applying for the Onepager. Congratulations!


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